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The Ultimate Turning - Ultra-Precision Machining
May. 17, 2024

In the era of rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, people's requirements for smart homes, smart cars and smart digital devices are increasing, and the requirements for the intelligence and precision of production equipment getting higher and higher.

Nowadays, the lenses of car camera systems and mobile phone camera systems are required to reach the nanometer level, and such modules must be achieved by ultra-precision machining.


Of course, in order to achieve such a high precision module processing, the choice of ultra-precision tools is particularly important. Because the accuracy of the tool determines the accuracy of the machining module.

Ultra-precision diamond tools

The ultra-precision diamond tools of Litian Century, which select high-quality diamond raw materials, strictly control the processing technology of the tool, and the tool waviness can be controlled within 50nm or even 10nm.

Only by choosing an ultra-precision diamond tool with minimal accuracy to match the mature cutting process, can a camera module with minimal accuracy be presented.

Our ultra-precision diamond tools are plenty to meet this requirement.

ultra-precision diamond tools

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