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Electroplating Solutions for Automotive Engine Piston Rings
May. 21, 2024

Electroplating of piston rings for automotive engines is an important surface treatment technology, which can significantly improve the performance and life of piston rings. As one of the core components of the engine, the piston is composed of the upper ring, the middle ring and the lower ring, which is subjected to extreme conditions such as high speed, high pressure and high temperature during operation. In order to enhance the durability of the piston ring and improve the overall performance, the industry generally uses electrolytic chromium plating technology to form a hard chromium layer on its surface. This treatment not only significantly increases the hardness and wear resistance of the piston ring, prolonging the service life effectively, but also helps to optimize the sealing effect and ensure a precise and stable fit between the piston ring and the cylinder wall.    


In the process of piston ring chrome plating, the electrolytic liquid contains fluoride and nano-level emery components, and the flow rate is large, which aggravates the corrosion challenge of anode materials. There are two main types of chrome anodes on the existing market: one is the traditional lead alloy anodes, and the other is the emerging niobium-base platinum anodes. Niobium is a very important metal, which has the characteristics of high expansion, high corrosion strength, high temperature and chemical stability, and it is gradually attracting attention and being widely used in specific application scenarios.

Electroplating Solutions

It should be noted that different automotive engines have different performance requirements for piston rings, so the selection of electroplating materials and processes needs to be comprehensively considered according to the specific situation. Litian Century can customize a variety of platinized anodes according to your needs.  

Electroplating Solutions

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