Diamond Tools for HELL Gravure
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Diamond Tools for HELL Gravure

Litian Century Diamond Tools specializes in high-precision diamond engraving tools, essential for the rotogravure printing process. Our HELL engraving stylus, made from diamond, excels in durability and hardness, ensuring exceptional quality in engraving fine lines and intricate details on cylinders or plates.

Diamond Tools for HELL Gravure

Engraving Stylus

The HELL diamond stylus, used for etching fine details onto cylinders or plates, is crucial for high-quality prints with intricate designs and high-resolution images.

Burr Cutter

Also known as a scraper, this tool removes copper shavings during the engraving process, enhancing print quality and maintaining efficiency.

Sliding Shoe

The sliding shoe, or sliding spindle, supports the engraving stylus by maintaining the correct distance from the copper plate, ensuring durability and stability.

Company Service

As an experienced diamond tools supplier for HELL gravure, Litian Century Diamond Tools is committed to delivering high-quality products with exceptional service. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced inspection equipment ensure every tool meets the highest standards. Each HELL gravure diamond tool undergoes professional inspection by our Quality Control Center before reaching our customers, guaranteeing reliability and performance in the rotogravure industry.


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