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Industries for rotogravure diamond tools

Rotogravure printing, referred to as intaglio printing, is one of the four printing methods. Intaglio printing is a direct printing method. 

It imprints the ink contained in the intaglio pits directly onto the substrate.

Our diamond styli, installed on the electronic engraving machines, are used to carve the pits on the plate cylinder. The shade level of 

the printed picture is determined by the size and depth of the pits, if the pits are deeper, the ink contains more ink, and the ink layer

left on the substrate after printing is thicker; On the contrary, if the pits are shallow, the amount of ink contained is less, and the ink 

layer left on the substrate after embossed is thinner. The plate of intaglio printing is composed of pits corresponding to the original 

text. When printing, the ink is filled into the pit, the ink on the surface of the plate is scraped off with the ink scraper, there is a certain

pressure contact between the plate and the substrate, the ink in the pit is transferred to the substrate, and the printing is completed.

As a kind of printing process, gravure printing occupies an extremely important position in the field of printing packaging and gra-

-phic publishing with its advantages of thick ink layer, bright color, high saturation, high plate resistance, stable quality, and fast

printing speed.

The plate roller of gravure printing has various kinds of gravure plate such as plastic packaging plate, calendar plate, wood grain plate, 

transfer printing plate, cigarette box packaging anti-counterfeiting plate and so on.

We make all of the diamond tools needed for cylinder preparation and cylinder engraving including CFM, rough and fine cutters for 

polish master, styli, sliding shoes, and burr cutters. Every tool is made with the same high quality and precision we put into all of our

 products. We manufacture and regrind diamond tools for Ohio Gravure Technologies, Hell Gravure Systems, and Daetwyler 

engraving systems.

Our Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help
Whatever the shapes you are making, tolerances you require, or materials you are working with, we can create the right tool for the job.
Especially, we can produce all kinds of Engraving stylus for Hell gravure systems, Ohio gravure systems and MDC gravure systems. The styli‘s degree range is from 90 to 160, and can be customized.
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