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Customization Process
Ultra Precision Diamond Tools
Ultra Precision Diamond Tools

We produce tools with the characteristics required for your target application: rake angles, radius, front clearance angles (conical or cylindrical), and waviness, solid shank or insert structure…

We can provide both roughing tools and finishing tools.
Drawings are provided with every quote to assure that you receive what you order.

Rotogravure Diamond Tools
Rotogravure Diamond Tools

We choose the most suitable diamond for your application. Litian Century can provide an extensive range of natural and synthetic single-crystal diamonds designed to achieve optimal performances.

We can produce all kinds of diamond tools for Hell gravure systems, Ohio gravure systems and MDC gravure systems.

Engraving stylus degrees customization: from 90 degrees to 160 degrees, and other degrees can be customized.

Plating Anode
Plating Anode

In the past 20+ years, Litian Century has been focused on the development and manufacture of customized titanium anode products for demanding applications. Our insoluble titanium anodes are widely used in General Metal Plating(copper,nickel and chromium, etc.), Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Electrolytic Copper Foil, Electro-Dialysis and Cathodic Protection and so on.

Anodes can be customized and diversified in shape. The coating design of insoluble titanium anode plays a role in ensuring the uniformity of current distribution and controlling the reasonable and effective additive consumption. Platinum anode and Iridium MMO coated anode can be selected depending on your requirements.

Both new anode manufacture and recoating used plate anode are available.

Our Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help
Whatever the shapes you are making, tolerances you require, or materials you are working with, we can create the right tool for the job.
Especially, we can produce all kinds of Engraving stylus for Hell gravure systems, Ohio gravure systems and MDC gravure systems. The styli‘s degree range is from 90 to 160, and can be customized.
Let our team help you select the right product.
Talk to our experts and we can help you meet all template requirements from scratch. Let us provide assistance for your next project.
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