With over 30 years of experience in the diamond industry, our R&D staff knows diamonds very well. Using advanced processing equipment and testing instruments abroad, we cooperate with well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions. The rich knowledge and team allow us to continuously work on tools development and solutions.

A Dust-free workshop is our main base for research and development. In this workshop our research and development staff conduct simulation studies and tests, which can provide better solutions.

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Quality Control

Since its establishment, Litian Century has been committed to providing customers with high quality products.

Our company has set up an independent Quality Control Center, with trained professional quality inspection personnel and advanced equipment. A strict quality inspection process has been developed, from the selection of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products inspection have strict standards and requirements, in line with the ISO management system certification.

  • Gravure printing plate quality inspection
  • Ultra-precision machining guidance
  • Ultra-precision equipment
  • Ultra-precision quality inspection
  • Electroplating anode titanium mesh cutting workshop and equipment
  • Laser cutting workshop
Our Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help
Whatever the shapes you are making, tolerances you require, or materials you are working with, we can create the right tool for the job.
Especially, we can produce all kinds of Engraving stylus for Hell gravure systems, Ohio gravure systems and MDC gravure systems. The styli‘s degree range is from 90 to 160, and can be customized.
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