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Industries for plating anode

Our company is specialized in the development and production of electrode products.

The electrode is the “heart” of the electrochemical systems or devices. The performance of the electrode has a direct effect on the electrolysis efficiency, energy consumption and operation stability of the electrochemical systems.

Committed to providing customers with quality products and consumption experience. Titanium platinum-plated anode is suitable for printed circuit board (PCB), decorative plating (trivalent chromium plating, auto parts, jewelry, glasses, home decorative hardware plating, electron component), hard chromium plating, general metal plating, water treatment, electrolytic copper foil and other industries. 

Gold Plating

Plating a thin layer of nickel, tin, gold, or alloy coating on electronics parts improves the electrical conductivity.

For example, the Ni/Au plating process is utilized in the PCB industry to improve the electrical performance of contact area with the purpose to obtain a low electrical contact resistance; good wear resistance and protection against oxidation (corrosion).

Litian Century can supply titanium platinum-plated anode. The optimum anode coating depends on the client specific application requirements.

Hard Chromium Plating

The coating is required to have high hardness in the process of hexavalent hard chromium plating. Chromium metal has high hard- 

-ness only when it is directly converted from Cr6+ to zero valence and deposited on the surface of the plated part.  If Cr6+ is converted 

into Cr3+ first, and then is converted into zero valence.The hardness of Cr3+ transformed coating is lower than that of Cr6+   

deposited coating directly.

Thus, the anode must have a high oxygen evolution overpotential for oxidization of Cr3+ to Cr6+ in the plating process, in order to 

keep the Cr3+ concentration at a low level.  Furthermore, in this particular electroplating system, a high current density anode output is required.

Our Platinum titanium anode can meet this need. It is an insoluble anode, which can keep the high stability of the process. Compared  

to a lead-tin alloy anode, Platinum titanium anode has no pollution and toxicity to the environment.

It can be processed into a hieroglyphic anode similar to the shape of the product to maintain a uniform current density spreading  

from the plated part to the anode. 

We adhere to technological innovation and research, always has a competitive advantage, and strives to better  serve customers in various industries.

Our Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help
Whatever the shapes you are making, tolerances you require, or materials you are working with, we can create the right tool for the job.
Especially, we can produce all kinds of Engraving stylus for Hell gravure systems, Ohio gravure systems and MDC gravure systems. The styli‘s degree range is from 90 to 160, and can be customized.
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