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Ultra Precision Cutting Tools
Ultra Precision Cutting Tools
Repair Service

In order to ensure the longest life of your tool and the highest quality in your parts, it is important to regularly send tools back to repair.

We can bring your diamond tools back to “new tool” condition in a very short turnaround time. We use state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to repair your tools with an unrivalled nanometer precision.

Our highly trained staff can repair your diamond tool up to 30 times by removing just the right amount of diamond to only remove the damaged area. Occasionally a tool may need repolish the front clearance angle. If a tool needs more than a simple repair, we will contact you for approval before proceeding.

Whether it is a tool from Litian Century or from a competitor, we can repair it. Contact us to get more information.

Quality assurance: We can provide a waviness report

Every tool with a radius is sent to you with a waviness report. The waviness on the cutting edge is defined as the amount of deviation from the mean radius size over the tool sweep. Some applications require a “non-controlled” waviness tool, where the radius size can vary up to 2um over the tool sweep. Other applications require extremely tight tolerances on the form of the finished part, and in those cases, we can control the waviness to as low as 0.2um or even tighter in certain cases.

After sales service guarantee:

Tools are inspected at 1000X microscope and guaranteed to be free from chips/defects.

If one of our standard tool designs will not do what you need then allow our engineer to repair it for you free of charge until you are satisfied.

Gravure Plate Making Tools
  • Repair Service
    Repair Service
    For the multi-way tools which can be repaired, we can bring your diamond tools back to “new tool” condition in a very short turnaround time. An after-sales service system is available which can let you know the condition of your repaired tools in real time.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    The company is equipped with advanced inspection equipment and trained inspection personnel which assure us carry out inspections during each process.

    At the same time, every single tool can be sent to our customers after the professional inspection by Quality Control Center.
  • After Sales Service Guarantee
    After Sales Service Guarantee
    Tool care and repair:
    Diamond tool care is extremely important.  Diamond is the hardest material on earth, but when it’s polished to a sharp edge, the edge is quite fragile.  Extreme care needs to be taken to make sure that the flawless edge is properly cared for.
    – Never drag anything over the cutting edge, as this may cause microchips
    – do not bump the edge into anything
    – if tool cleaning is needed, wipe the diamond tools carefully using isopropyl alcohol or acetone and a lint free cloth or an elder pitch. If you need more aggressive cleaning in order to remove a particular contaminant, please contact us.
Electroplated Anode
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    We offer free design service to ensure you get the proper tool to fit your machine and application before you make the purchase.
  • 2
    Our platinum titanium anode is insoluble anode, which can keep the high stability of the process without pollution and toxicity to the environment .The oxygen evolution overpotential can reach 1.7V, which is similar to the lead-tin alloy anode.
  • 3
    It can be processed into a hieroglyphic anode similar to the shape of the product to maintain a uniform current density spreading from the plated part to the anode.
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    Anodes require regular cleaning and maintenance, if the customer does not, we can guide and provide anodic cleaning and maintenance services.
Electroplated Anode
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